Why Explore for Lithium and other Critical Metals?

The Southeast Asian Tin-Tungsten Belt is underexplored.

The region offers a rich selection of low-cost lithium opportunities, with huge value-added project potential.

We’re perfectly positioned to advance our current assets and secure additional ones.

Our 4 current Southeast Asian projects are situated in close proximity to Asia’s rapidly growing EV and LIB markets, to which lithium is critical — offering a big opportunity for Investors.

Competitive Advantages

Pan Asia Metals has 3 distinct advantages over the competition:

  • We’re in close proximity to our inputs and markets, reducing costs and carbon footprint.
  • We’re located between the low cost advanced industrial centres of Thailand and Malaysia.
  • We’re positioning to move beyond the mine gate and deliver a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Geothermal and Lepidolite sources of lithium chemicals have distinct advantages.

Lithium Hydroxide operating cost comparison

The only lithium projects in Southeast Asia.

Pan Asia’s projects sit in between key established and rapidly emerging lithium markets

Pan Asia Metal’s projects sit between two complex industrial economies.

Our projects are proximal to all required inputs and markets for our outputs