Shareholder Communication Policy

Pan Asia Metals Limited (PAM) recognises that shareholder and other stakeholders are entitled to be informed in a timely and readily accessible manner of all major developments affecting PAM.

PAM’s Policy is to promote effective communication with shareholders and other stakeholders and to ensure participation at its General Meetings.

Methods of Communication
Information is provided to shareholders and other stakeholders through:

  1. releases to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in accordance with continuous disclosure obligations;
  2. new releases;
  3. investor presentations (e.g. analyst site tours);
  4. PAM’s website;
  5. PAM’s annual and half-yearly reports; and
  6. The Annual General Meeting.

PAM encourages shareholders to receive Company information electronically by registering their email address online with the Company’s Share Registry.

Other methods of communication available to shareholders and other stakeholders include:  telephone; mail; email; facsimile and social media.

ASX Releases
PAM will make announcements to the ASX in a timely manner in accordance with the ASX Listing Rules.

All announcements made to the ASX are available to shareholders under the Company Announcements section of the ASX website.

PAM’s Website
PAM’s website includes:

  1. announcements lodged with the ASX;
  2. the half-yearly and yearly results announcements;
  3. the Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meeting;
  4. other presentations and briefings given to fund managers and financial analysts;
  5. share price information and dividend history;
  6. general information on the Company and its activities.

Annual Report
The Annual Report contains key financial, operating and corporate information about PAM.

Where a shareholder has requested receipt of a copy of the Annual Report, a copy will be either emailed or posted to the shareholder’s stated preference prior to the Annual General Meeting as required by the Corporations Act.

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides an important opportunity for shareholders to ask questions of and express their views to the Directors and to vote on Board proposals.  All shareholders are encouraged to attend the AGM.

The date, time and location of the AGM will be provided:

  1. in the Notice of AGM;
  2. in the Annual Report; and
  3. on the PAM website.

The Notice of Meeting and Proxy Form will be distributed to all shareholders prior to the AGM in the timeframe set by the Corporations Act.  The full text of the Notice of Meeting will also be available under the “Annual General Meetings” section of the Company’s website.

At the AGM, shareholders will be invited to ask questions about or comment on the results, operations, strategy and/or management of PAM and/or on the audit and preparation and content of the auditor’s report.  The Chairman will provide shareholders present a reasonable opportunity to ask questions and discuss resolutions.

The auditor will be available at the meeting to answer questions and comment on matters relating to the audit.