People with the courage to Explore a Better Future

Written by Josh Bryer

It takes courage to effect real change in the world. PAM aligns with a brave new future, by exploring rare metal. With rare mettle. And by honouring those leading the changes.

ELON MUSK – for his relentless ambition

Another unmistakable leader is the South African born entrepreneur most famous for founding SpaceX and the Chairman and CEO of the groundbreaking electric vehicle company, Tesla. From his humble childhood roots in Pretoria, South Africa, to buying Twitter, Musk has simply never accepted ‘impossible’ in his quest for a better future.

Musk left his birth country to study Physics in America – but abandoned it as a career move after becoming convinced that the Internet had more potential to change the world. Along the way to founding SpaceX (2002) and joining Tesla (2004), he founded and sold Zip2, a company providing maps and business directories to online newspapers; and, which later became PayPal.

In his capacity as a leader at SpaceX and Tesla, Elon has constantly, and often delightedly, defied all critics and expectations. They said it wasn’t possible for a private company to launch and land a space rocket. He did. They said it wasn’t possible to grow a successful electric vehicle company without advertising. He did.

Musk simply doesn’t understand the word ‘never’. And he certainly isn’t afraid of the word ‘difficult’. The harder the challenge, the more it fuels him, and the harder he tries. With another EV that goes further on a single charge. With another rocket that can land even better. 

Because underpinning all this is a deep, residing energy, best described in a single word. Ambition. People like Elon see possibilities where others don’t. Ways to change the world for the better that simply have to be pursued. And they won’t give up until they see them happen. Because as he likes to say, “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.”

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