Articles about or mentioning Pan Asia Metals

June 2020 – Australian Investors Association – The Investors Voice

Why is the most critical metal on earth critical?

In this article Paul Lock discusses critical metals and why they are critical: Link to Article

The term “critical metals” applies to a suite of metals which are critical to an ongoing and functioning industrial sector and which are critical for technological innovation and advancement. Many of these metals are not commonly known and they are used in relatively small quantities.

September 2019 – Australian Resources and Investment

Pan Asia Metals creating value-adding opportunities

In this article Paul Lock discusses Pan Asia’s assets and the advantages of being located in South East Asia: Link to Article

November 2018 – National Conference and Exhibition on Mineral Resource and Mineral-based Product Development, Malaysia

The Economics of Mineral Exploration and how Malaysia can Win the Exploration Dollar

Paul Lock presents in Malaysia at the JMG’s annual mining conference on exploration and policy and how Malaysia can win the exploration dollar: Link to Article

May 2017 – Mining Journal

Twist in lithium story could come next

Lithium Mining article in Mining Journal

In this article Paul Lock discusses the initial stages of the lithium exploration boom (late 2015 to early 2017) and the impending implications for suppliers of lithium concentrates: Link to Article