Why We Exist

We are here to be part of the new energy and technology revolution.

Pan Asia Metals enters the revolution with conviction, integrity and determination, always retaining
sustainability as a core goal, aiming to achieve a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Because we believe that this will bring better returns for all our stakeholders.

How We Matter

We are exploring for the metals that make a difference in the world.

Pan Asia Metals explores for the battery critical metals that will power the new energy future.

Any impact we’ll have will always be offset by the goods we’ll help to produce, activities that will help
local communities and production that will benefit the global society.

What We Do

We have 3 highly prospective exploration projects in the Southeast Asian Tin-Tungsten Belt.

Pan Asia Metals is exploring for and developing Battery and Critical metal opportunities such as Lithium.

Unlike most exploration companies, Pan Asia Metals has positioned itself to add value to what it mines, producing advanced, higher-margin, market-ready products.

Our aim is to refine the Battery and Critical metals we mine into precursor chemicals: highly refined metals which are needed by the battery manufacturers in the critical and lucrative Electric Vehicle and Lithium-ion Battery markets.

Our longer-term goal is to be involved in this part of the supply chain.

Pan Asia Metals has also firmly positioned itself as a local company.

Pan Asia Metals has also firmly positioned itself as a local company, with over 10 years in the region and an established team of Thai staff including geologists, liaison officers and administration and accounting staff. We also use local contractors and employ a large casual workforce when conducting exploring programs.

We believe that local relationships are key to our success, we achieve this by committing serious time and effort to engage with the community in areas that are important to them, from respecting their heritage and safeguarding their health, to supporting their sports teams and co-shaping their children’s education.

This is why Pan Asia Metals is highly respected in the local business communities and by the relevant Ministries and Departments of Thailand.

We see the two as inseparable halves of EXPLORING A BETTER FUTURE.