Our objective here is to help communities develop an environment conducive to inspired childhood education.

In the name “The Village Scientist” we convey the message that a child can be just about anything he or she wants to be – given the right opportunity. We believe that a country’s future lies in the education that its children receive now, and we hope that we can contribute to the prosperity of children, and their communities, by providing them with some of the fundamental tools for a good education. We may achieve this by helping a community build a schoolhouse, purchasing learning materials, books and other equipment, or finding a teacher to help get a community started with its school program.

We believe in the Montessori philosophy of helping children to help themselves. The inspiration for the Village Scientist came when Paul Lock sat on the committee of a Montessori school which his family helped establish, a school which his children attended. Having seen his children enjoy learning in this environment, he would like to help spread this enthusiasm to other children through The Village Scientist program.