Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Pan Asia Metals Limited (PAM) is committed to providing a safe work environment and to conducting its activities in a way that will ensure the health and safety of its employees, contractors and members of the public.  PAM is also committed to protection of the environment.

Our goals in workplace health, safety and environmental protection will be achieved through:

  1. Implementation on an Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Management System that meets statutory and industry requirements and also aims for best practice.
  2. Integrating health, safety and environmental requirements into all relevant business processes and decisions.
  3. Ensuring management demonstrate commitment to and are accountable for protection of the environment, public and workplace health and safety.
  4. Developing and implementing procedures and standard work practices to proactively manage workplace hazards.
  5. Ensuring all employees and contractors accept that working safely is a condition of employment.
  6. Ensuring all employees and contractors have the information and training required to competently and safely perform their work.
  7. Supporting any injured/ill employee to facilitate their safe and early return to work.
  8. Allocation of adequate resources required to fulfil the aims of this policy.
  9. Monitoring compliance with statutory and industry health, safety and environmental requirements.
  10. Reviewing OHS&E performance to promote continuous improvement.
  11. Establish measurable targets and objectives aimed at eliminating work related injuries and illnesses.
  12. Maintain a consultative approach with all interested parties to improve OHS performance.