SE Asian EV and LIB news

11 March, 2020 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Thailand ‘to be regional EV hub’ in five years

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister, Somkid Jatusripitak, in his capacity as the chairman of the National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee, announced a policy to make Thailand a regional hub of electric vehicles in five years. (link)

20 February, 2020 – InsideEVs – Thailand – GPSC announces a $35.2 million investment in the first, small-scale battery cell plant in Thailand

GPSC has signed a contract with Thai Takasago Co., Ltd., Japanese Construction Company, to develop the first semi solid lithium ion battery plant in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Thailand. (link).

20 February, 2020 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – GPSC allots B1.1bn for batteries

Global Power Synergy Plc, a licensee of the Boston-based battery startup 24M Technologiesis, is developing Thailand’s first production plant for semi-solid batteries and will consider building a new gigawatt-scale battery plant, depending on future demand with potential partners from power producers, electric vehicle manufacturers and other related industries. (link).

19 February, 2020 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Chinese maker Great Wall Motors takes ownership of General Motors Rayong based vehicle manufacturing facilities

Great Wall will produce roughly 100,000 vehicles a year in the initial stage, while GM made 50,000 vehicles a year, buying GM’s operations in Rayong is a global strategy of Great Wall to support the automotive megatrend to EVs. Great Wall is planning to produce and distribute vehicles in Southeast Asia, Europe and Oceania, the acquisition is part of Great Wall’s business strategy in order to prepare for technology disruption (link).

24 January, 2020 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Swag EV lines up electric scooter plant

Singaporean startup Swag EV plans to establish an assembly plant for electric scooters in Thailand next year to take advantage of the large motorcycle supply chain locally, reducing assembly costs. (link).

11 January, 2020 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Two companies starting EV production

Two car makers will start manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand this year to take advantage of tax breaks, the government is offering an excise tax exemption to car makers who produce EVs in Thailand during 2020-22, compared with 2% in normal cases. (link).

23 December, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Thai companies and the government are keen on lthium based energy storage systems

Energy storage systems using lithium-ion batteries forecast as rising star in Thailand, as many Thai companies are heavily investing in researchers, engineers and think tanks to enhance their competitiveness in the field. (link).

23 December, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – The Thai government is aiming to make Thailand a regional hub of electric vehicle production by offering investment incentives

The government is keen to push forward Thailand’s automotive industry to develop into a regional hub for electric vehicles (EVs). The auto sector has been an integral part of the economy for over 60 years, with a shipment value totalling almost 1 trillion baht annually. (link).

5 December, 2019 – Daimler – Thailand – Mercedes-Benz starts local battery production in Bangkok

The global battery production network within the Mercedes-Benz Cars production network has put the third production facility into operation: A factory for plug-in hybrid batteries has been opened in the Bangkok region in Thailand. (link).

30 November, 2019 – InsideEVs – Thailand – BMW Group commits to fourth battery production plant in Thailand

Step-by-step BMW is launching smaller battery manufacturing sites around the world to localize battery assembly. BMW has a battery facility in Spartanburg, U.S. as well as in Shenyang, China, and now its fourth plant is scheduled for Thailand. (link).

29 November, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Energy Absolute alots 7.4B Baht to invest in energy storage, electric cars and ferries

SET-listed Energy Absolute Plc (EA) has announced a 2020 budget of 7.4 billion baht to invest in business diversification into energy storage, electric cars and ferries, and other innovative projects.. (link).

20 November, 2019 – The Thailand Automotive Institute – Thailand – Car group asks for EV scheme facilitator

The Thailand Automotive Institute (TAI) has requested the government set up a National New Generation Vehicle Committee to push forward the government’s electric vehicle (EV) scheme and increase sales as the market develops. (link).

5 November, 2019 – Superbike News UK – UK/Thailand – Thai manufactured British performance e-scooter Zapp i300 on sale now

Production has started at Zapp’s assembly plant in Thailand with a starting capacity of 10,000 units per year and high recyclability of the components. (link).

12 September, 2019 – BMW Group – Thailand – High-voltage battery production in Thailand in partnership with the DRÄXLMAIER Group

BMW Group Thailand is marking another historic milestone with the inauguration of a local high-voltage battery production plant in partnership with the DRÄXLMAIER Group, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers and a partner of BMW Group since 1966. (link).

3 September, 2019 – The Japan Times – Japan/Thailand – Toyota shifts battery-recycling operation for hybrids to Thailand

Toyota Motor Corp. has started recycling hybrid-vehicle batteries in Thailand, aiming to establish a sustainable process for the power source behind eco-friendly cars and cut costs. (link).

9 August, 2019 – Nikkei Asian Review – Japan/Malaysia – Daihatsu named technology partner for Malaysia’s next national car

Japan’s Daihatsu Motor will provide “advanced technological support” for Malaysia’s third national car project, government officials announced. (link).

8 August, 2019 – Nikkei Asian Review – Japan/Thailand – Honda to move Accord hybrid production to Thailand

Honda Motor will shift Japanese production of its Accord hybrid sedan to Thailand, where it wants to take advantage of tax incentives for manufacturing greener cars, according to sources. (link).

1 August, 2019 – Nikkei Asian Review – Japan/Thailand – Mitsubishi to make plug-in hybrids in Thailand

Mitsubishi Motors will produce plug-in hybrids in Thailand starting in early 2021, the automaker’s first foray into producing the environmentally friendly vehicles outside Japan. (link).

1 August, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Indonesia – Indonesia plans to form electric-car hub

Indonesia is planning a slew of incentives for electric-car manufacturers and drivers, to help bolster a sector that has already lured investment from Toyota Motor Corp and SoftBank Group Corp. (link).

26 July, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Mitsubishi putting BoI plug-in EV perks to use

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has announced a plan to localise manufacturing of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. (link).

7 July, 2019 – Nikkei Asian Review – Japan/Thailand – Japan’s electric wire makers expand in Asia to ride EV boom

Hitachi Metals will ramp up production of wire for electric parking brakes in Thailand and Vietnam. (link).

21 June, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – DTS Draexlmaier Automotive System to start LIB production

DTS Draexlmaier Automotive System Thailand will start high-voltage battery production in July, with a plan to supply the output to the BMW plant in Rayong for the manufacture of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles . (link).

21 May, 2019 – Nikkei Asian Review – Japan/Thailand – Nissan picks EV charger supplier Delta for Leaf’s Thai debut

Nissan Motor, the first carmaker to sell fully electric vehicles in Thailand, has chosen local manufacturer Delta Electronics (Thailand) as its sole supplier of home chargers in the country. (link).

16 May, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – SAIC Motor-CP to manufacture EVs in Thailand

Thai-Chinese carmaker SAIC Motor-CP has committed to investing in assembly production for two versions of electric vehicles at its facility in Chon Buri, even though all China-made EVs are now imported without tariffs under the Asean-China free trade agreement. (link).

25 March, 2019 – Nikkei Asian Review – Thailand – Japan’s FOMM plans to produce 10,000 compact vehicles a year in Thailand

Japanese electric-vehicle startup FOMM is racing to produce and sell a compact electric car in Thailand before rolling it out elsewhere in Southeast Asia and in Europe. (link).

11 March, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Tax cut eyed to encourage EV battery plants in Thailand

The Excise Department is poised to cut taxes to encourage setting up electric vehicle (EV) battery plants in Thailand. (link).

8 March, 2019 – Nikkei Asian Review – Japan/Thailand – Japan carmakers angle for EV primacy in Southeast Asia

Japanese automakers are moving to extend their iron grip on the Southeast Asian market into electric vehicles, starting with plans to build plug-in and hybrid offerings in Thailand. (link).

7 March, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Thai FTAs Propel Auto and Auto Part Sales in ASEAN

Automotive exports to Asean soared 35,142% from 1993, the year Thailand’s FTA with the region, known as the Asean Free Trade Area (Afta), took effect, tallying $5.39 billion in 2018. (link).

17 February, 2019 – Retail News Asia – Malaysia – Electric vehicles, new tech focus of NAP 2019 in Malaysia

The National Automotive Policy (NAP) 2019 will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2020, placing emphasis on electric vehicles and new technologies. (link).

16 February, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Excise mulls tax break to spur EV production

Thai Government considering waive full electric vehicles taxes in a fresh move to encourage makers to start producing the cars. (link).

15 February, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Energy Absolute Amita Technologies Battery JV

Energy Absolute entered a joint venture with Taiwan’s Amita Technologies to build a 50GWh lithium-ion battery plant.  Phase 1 (1GWh) will commence commercial operation in 2019 and phase 2 (49GWh) in 2021. (link).

8 February, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Mercedes-Benz ready to rev up EV assembly

Mercedes-Benz Thailand aims to start local manufacturing of electric vehicles (EVs) after already completing its application for Board of Investment (BoI) incentives covering all global EV line-ups: plug-in hybrid EVs, battery EVs and lithium-ion batteries (link).

5 February, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Banpu buys 21.5% of FOMM

SET-listed Banpu Plc has signed an agreement to acquire a 21.5% stake in FOMM Corporation, Japan’s compact electric vehicle (EV) developer, for US$20 million (627 million baht) in a move to expand its presence in the clean energy business throughout Asia-Pacific. (link).

5 February, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Thailand headed for EV battery leadership in SE Asia

Kasikorn Research Center (K-Research) forecasts the assembly and output of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand will stand at 430,000 units by 2023, putting the country in the top four in Asia. (link).

29 January, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Energy Absolute poised for strides in EV batteries, cars.

EA and its subsidiaries won BoI privileges to manufacture lithium-ion batteries (worth 2 billion baht) in May, construction of EV charging stations (1.092 billion baht) in November, and an R&D unit for full EVs (130 million baht) in December. (link).

24 January, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – BoI nets flood of EV interest

Roughly 20 firms have submitted their applications to the Board of Investment (BoI) to produce battery electric vehicles (EVs) in the country, says the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand. (link).

23 January, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Toyota sends EV plans to BOI

Toyota Motor Thailand has submitted its investment plan for the government’s electric vehicle (EV) scheme to localise manufacturing of new eco-friendlier vehicles in Thailand. (link).

22 January, 2019 – New York Times – Singpore – Dyson to move headquarters to Singapore

Dyson, which makes vacuum cleaners and hair dryers and has an electric car in the pipeline, is moving its headquarters from Malmesbury, in southwest England, to Singapore in response to demand for its products in Asia. (link).

18 January, 2019 – – Malaysia – Malaysia aiming to become regional hub for lithium-ion battery production

Malaysia is set to venture into the production of lithium-ion batteries, with plans to manufacture 18650 cells in the coming future. According to Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii), battery development forms part of the technology growth slated for the industry in 2019. (link).

14 January, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Honda shies from all-electric option

Thailand is unready for 100% electric motorcycles because regulations for lithium-ion battery recycling are insufficient to promote eco-friendlier motorbikes, says a key Honda official. (link).

7 January, 2019 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Automotive industry at a turning point

Thailand is the largest car manufacturer in Southeast Asia, with 23 car assembly plants, eight motorcycle plants, 386 tier-one auto parts makers and 1,700 tier-two and tier-three auto parts makers. (link).

26 December, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – BoI approves 3 EV projects, including charging stations.

The Board of Investment (BoI) has approved three projects for the electric vehicle (EV) scheme in November, including Energy Mahanakhon Co on Nov 27 for building charging stations worth 1.09 billion baht.  Mazda through AutoAlliance Thailand, a joint venture with Mazda and Ford, won privileges on Nov 19 for a hybrid EV project worth 11.5 billion baht in Rayong. Also on Nov 27, DTS Draxlmaier Automotive System Thailand won for high-voltage battery production worth 542 million baht in Chon Buri to serve BMW’s plug-in hybrid EVs. (link).

13 December, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – K-Research: EVs to see production boom in 2019.

Kasikorn Research Center (K-Research) forecasts the number of electric vehicle (EV) will increase sharply in 2019, driven by government policy and new investment from EV manufacturers. (link).

15 November, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – BoI approves grant for Mazda hybrid EVs

Japanese carmaker Mazda Motor Corporation is poised to produce hybrid electric vehicles (EVs) in the country after the Board of Investment (BoI) granted a 11.48-billion-baht investment application. (link).

12 November, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Mitsubishi submits three separate plans for EV projects

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will submit three electric vehicle (EV) projects worth a total of 11 billion baht to the Thai Board of Investment. (link).

8 November, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Mass-market eco-car stimulus on the way

The Thai Industry Ministry will roll out an incentive programme to encourage six eco-car manufacturers to make electrified eco-cars. (link).

30 October, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Toyota moves battery schedule forward

After staring the possibility of a shortage of batteries for hybrid cars imported from Japan, Toyota Motor Thailand decided to accelerate the start of its battery assembly in Chachoengsao province to mid-2019. (link).

24 October, 2018 – Reuters – Singapore – Why did Dyson pick Singapore to build its electric car?

Dyson’s decision was based on supply chains, access to markets and the availability of expertise. (link).

10 October, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – FOMM Asia first to win BoI perks to make battery EVs

Thai-Japan joint venture FOMM Asia Co is the first carmaker under the government’s electric vehicle (EV) scheme to win Board of Investment (BoI) incentives to manufacture battery EVs. (link).

28 August, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Nissan works with MEA on wall chargers

Nissan Motor Thailand is teaming up with Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) to install quick-charging outlets in households, supporting the future introduction of the Nissan Leaf into the Thai market. (link).

26 July, 2018 – Malaysian Reserve – Malaysia – Mitsubishi stays committed to Thai EV drive.

Malaysia’s proposed second national car project could be a purely electric-vehicle (EV) initiative, in line with the new government’s emphasis and concerns on the impact of climate change, as well as the environment’s preservation. Malaysian Green Technology Corp (GreenTech Malaysia) is currently spearheading a working paper on a potential electric-based second national car project. (link).

2 July, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Mitsubishi stays committed to Thai EV drive.

Mitsubishi’s Asean division said the company is standing firm on its plan to introduce its EV technology to Thailand as it prepares to apply for the government’s tax incentive programme overseen by the Thai Board of Investment. (link).

2 July, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Power plan makeover to encourage small traders

policymakers are planning to allocate 200 million baht to build a pilot plant for lithium-ion and lithium-sulfur batteries, which is an R&D project for students at Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology. (link).

12 June, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Toyota unhurried on batteries

Toyota Motor Thailand is keeping with its plan to localise a battery plant and start production in early 2020, even though the local plant is facing a battery shortage for its hybrid electric vehicles. (link).

29 March, 2018 – – Thailand – BYD Sending 1000 Electric Taxis To Thailand

BYD has entered into a agreement with Rizen Energy to deliver 1000 electric taxis for use in the city of Bangkok. (link).

19 February, 2018 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – Powering the EV surge

The government is keen on transforming Thailand into a global production hub for electric vehicles (EVs), offering measures to encourage local car factories to build this new generation of automobiles. (link).

17 September, 2017 – Bangkok Post – Thailand – PTT plans lithium ion battery plant

Global Power Synergy Plc (GPSC), the energy business arm of national oil and gas firm PTT Plc, is planning to develop a lithium ion battery factory worth 1 billion baht … In the first phase of development, the project will be a joint venture with a Japanese partner (whose name is yet to be confirmed) and will have a power storage capacity of 100 megawatt-hours. (link).

11 May, 2017 – The Nation – Thailand – PTT subsidiary GPSC plans EV battery plant

GLOBAL POWER Synergy (GPSC), a subsidiary of PTT, plans to set up a factory in Thailand next year to make batteries for electric vehicles. (link).