Pan Asia Metal’s social undertaking

We conduct all our activities with the welfare of the people, the communities and the natural environment in mind.

Corporate responsibility is an undertaking that we take seriously. This is reflected in the policies which guide our decisions, we aim to foster a culture which is responsible and ethical.

Our workforce, the communities we work in, and our partners in industry and government, are stakeholders, therefore our decisions are made with long term objectives in mind. Our activities are transparent and conducted in a mutually beneficial manner, and we strive for constant improvement using best practice methodologies.

Safety is paramount

“Be Safe” – “Be Smart”

We want everyone associated with us to be sitting at their dinner table with their family at the end of every shift!

The health and safety of our employees, their families, and all those affected by our business activities is valued above all else. The activities we undertake in our business have elements of risk. Through proactive risk management, education and awareness we will continuously aim to minimize and control these risks.

Our Vision is ‘Be Safe’ and ‘Be Smart’. A safe and productive culture can be achieved just by keeping these words in mind. There is always a safe way to achieve an outcome, we just need to be smart about it.

Positive reinforcement supported by open and honest communication will build trust, which will give our employees the confidence to deliver their individual contributions to ensure a safe work environment.

Each employee is empowered to take the necessary actions to minimize risk, to identify critical tasks and contribute to the development of policies, procedures and training appropriate to maintain a low risk environment in which continuous improvement can be achieved.

This way each of our employees can be home safe at the end of each shift, where they should be.