Pan Asia’s objective is to identify, develop and operate specialty metals projects which offer the opportunity for downstream value adding

Pan Asia’s aim is to identify, develop and operate specialty metals opportunities situated within the highly prospective Southeast Asian Tin – Tungsten Belt (SEASnW). Projects located elsewhere in ASEAN and nearby counties are also considered. These projects are core to Pan Asia’s low cost downstream value adding strategy. Other projects may be considered from time to time, based on their merits. These holding may represent a shorter term opportunity where, with a little capital and management time, an asset can be monetised and bring benefit to Pan Asia and its shareholders.

Pan Asia has four core projects that it is currently evaluating:

  • Reung Kiet Lithium Project: SEASnW Belt , Southern Thailand – 100% held
  • Khao Soon Tungsten Project – SEASnW Belt , Southern Thailand – 100% held
  • Bang Now Lithium Project – SEASnW Belt , Southern Thailand – 100% held
  • Minter Tungsten Project – Lachlan Fold Belt, NSW, Australia – 100% held

Pan Asia maintains ongoing target generation activities focused on Southeast Asia and has identified several target areas that may be acquired in the future.

Pan Asia’s strategy is to secure projects with the potential to be positioned at the low end of the cost curve, and therefore lead their respective peer groups in terms of potential profitability, and most importantly, which offer the option to extend into downstream value added processing initiatives.

Pan Asia is interested in projects which have:

  • At or near surface mineralisation, with depth potential
  • Extensive mineralised strikes
  • Industry leading grades
  • Positive metallurgy
  • Proximity to required infrastructure
  • Well educated workforce
  • Potential for downstream value adding

Pan Asia’s current portfolio offers the opportunity to manufacture:

  • Lithium Carbonate (Li2CO3)
  • Lithium Hydroxide (LiOH)
  • Ammonium Para-tungstate (APT) and Ferro Tungsten (FeW)
  • Many other valuable by-products

Pan Asia’s projects have very strong underlying dynamics:

  • The projects have strong Government support, particularly from the Ministry of Industry and the Department of Primary Industry and Mines in Thailand, as the projects are a good fit with Thailand’s industrial policy and objectives
  • The projects are located in globally competitive cost jurisdictions and are proximal to end user markets throughout Asia
  • The projects are well positioned to take advantage of downstream development opportunities
  • The projects are strategically located in a key market with strong economic growth
  • Pan Asia enjoys strong support from the communities in which it operates