Pan Asia Metals is a battery and critical metals explorer and developer focused on identifying and developing projects in Asia and elsewhere.

Pan Asia Metals’ strategy is to position itself to produce the metal compounds and other value-added products required for the new energy revolution.

Pan Asia Metals focuses on opportunities which have the potential to be placed in the first tercile of their respective cost curves, which is a function of minerology, cost environment, proximity of required inputs and distance to market.  The three key underlying factors to PAM’s strategy in Southeast Asia are: i. the region’s growth prospects; ii. the region’s low-cost environment; and iii. aligning with the right knowledge partners. Complementing these is the most critical factor, Pan Asia Metals’ people.

Why join us

Pan Asia Metals understand that it is the people that make a Company.  Pan Asia Metals will only deliver on its objectives if it has the right people with the same vision. Pan Asia Metals sees success being more than a quarterly bottom line result, success means all stakeholders are benefiting from Pan Asia Metals’ activities, including the communities in and around which Pan Asia Metals’ projects exist, Pan Asia Metals’ customers, and most importantly Pan Asia Metals’ employees.