Why Asia?

Pan Asia Metals’ focus on Asia is for both geological and economic reasons.

Our projects are located in the Southeast Asian Tin – Tungsten Belt, which extends through Southern Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia to the Tin Islands in the South.

This Southeast Asian Tin-Tungsten belt contains some of the largest historical tin producing districts in the world, specifically PhangNga in Southern Thailand, the location of Pan Asia Metals’ two lithium projects, and Perak in Peninsula Malaysia.  Aside from tin and tungsten the belt is rich in other battery and critical metals, including lithium, tantalum, niobium, rubidium, caesium, rare earths and other rare metals. 

Our Strategic Positioning

Advanced exploration assets

• Reung Kiet Lithium
– 10.4MT @ 0.44% Li2O Mineral Resource (JORC 2012)
– 8-14MT @ 0.5%-0.8% Li2O Exploration Target (JORC 2012 – Drill Supported)
– Drilling continues, Mineral Resource upgrade later in 2022
– Scoping Study expected in late 2022
• Khao Soon Tungsten
– 15-29MT @ 0.2%-0.4% WO3 Exploration Target (JORC 2012 – Drill Supported)
– Only 4 of 10 Prospects drilled

Geo-strategic advantages

• Positioned for lower capex and opex operating outcomes
– lower production costs, higher margins
• Situated in an advanced industrial economy
– Thailand is the 4th largest auto producer in Asia
• Close proximity to all process inputs and markets
– Short transport routes means smaller carbon footprint

Positioned to move beyond the mine gate

• Holdings in battery and critical metals
• At or near surface mineralisation
• Favourable mineralogy
• Low-cost environment
• Potential for Low to Zero Carbon Footprint

Potential share price catalysts

• Ongoing Drilling results
• Mineral Resource expansion
• Techno-economic studies
• Additional license grants
• Portfolio expansion

Pan Asia Metal’s focus is to secure low-cost projects with strong value-add potential.

Value adding provides more opportunity for enterprise expansion and profit growth.

With the right geography and the right Capex and Opex dynamics, an exploration company can position itself to move past the mine gate and extend downstream.  Such opportunities are limited but if they are available they provide the company with exposure to pro-active revenue and profit expansion opportunities otherwise not accessible.  The opportunities are not available to most mining companies.