Why Asia?

Pan Asia Metals focused on Asia for both geological and economic reasons

Our projects are located in the Southeast Asian Tin – Tungsten Belt, which extends from Myanmar in the North through Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia to the Tin Islands in the South.

This belt, which contains some of the largest historical tin producing districts in the world, specifically in Southern Thailand and much of Peninsula Malaysia, has experienced very limited modern exploration. It is rich in specialty metals associated with granite related tin, tungsten, lithium, tantalum, niobium, rubidium, cesium, rare earths and other rare metals. 

Strategic positioning

Advanced exploration assets

• 2 lead projects have been drilled:
– Reung Kiet Lithium and Khao Soon Tungsten.
• Potential share price catalysts:
– Drilling results
– JORC Mineral Resources
– Techno-economic studies
– Portfolio expansion

Geo-strategic advantages

• Positioned for lower capex and opex operating outcomes = lower production costs
• Situated between the advanced industrial economies of Thailand and Malaysia
• Close proximity to all process inputs and markets

Positioned to move beyond the mine gate

• Holdings in strategic metals
• At or near surface mineralisation
• Favourable mineralogy
• Low-cost environment
• Potential Zero Carbon Footprint

Experienced board and management

• Over 65 years’ Southeast Asian operating experience
• Strong support from institutional and Asian based investors
• Significant support from Thai Federal and Provincial Government and local business communities

Lithium demand growth by end market

In May 2021 JP Morgan noted that lithium demand would increase 545% over 2020. Demand growth from Electric vehicles would be nearly 1000%.

Pan Asia Metals_lithium forecast graph 03

Global EV Growth forecasts

In May 2021 JP Morgan estimated that EV penetration into total vehicle sales would increase from 3% in 2020 to 27% in 2030, while ICE sales would surrender over 50% its market share.

Global LIB demand forecast: exponential growth

Compared to today, global battery demand is expected to grow by a factor of ~19 to reach ~3,600 GWh in a 2030 target case.


Pan Asia Metal’s focus is to secure low-cost projects with strong value-add potential.

Value adding provides more opportunity for enterprise expansion and profit growth