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PAM maximizes value with cost-efficient projects, offering the potential for near-term cash flow. It’s backed by MOUs with IRPC and VinGroup’s sister company, VinES.

Global #1

Thailand’s auto industry leads Southeast Asia, featuring 20+ brands, 14 BEV projects, 18 battery projects, and escalating production.

2 Billion

People in the ASEAN-India region are witnessing the rapid growth of a thriving middle class and a flourishing Electric Vehicle and Lithium-Ion Battery ecosystem.


Is positioned as a major player in Lithium Chemical Equivalent (LCE) production, crucial for electric vehicles, and poised to unlock a lucrative market which drives the future of sustainable mobility.

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Who is PAM?

Pan Asia Metals (ASX:PAM) is a leading battery metals firm with advanced lithium projects in South-East Asia and South America. Located in Thailand, Asia’s major vehicle production hub, PAM caters to the surging electric vehicle market and lithium-ion battery demand. As Asia accounts for over half the global vehicle output, PAM supports battery and chemical industries with sustainable, high-value products. Focusing on lithium brine and clay assets, key projects include the RK and KT Lithium in Thailand and Tama Atacama in Chile. Collaborations with IRPC and VinES emphasize PAM’s potential as a globally competitive low-cost lithium chemical producer.

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