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“Mining with principles is the promise we make to our stakeholders that in the process of mining we will do everything possible to maximise the benefit to society of the operations of mining and the products that are so essential to the lives we lead, and we will minimize the possibility of harm to people and the environment.”

Rohitesh Dhawan, International Council on Mining & Metals
Principles adopted by Pan Asia Metals

The world is changing.

Global battery and critical metals prices and demand projections will tell you how urgently we need them.

The market for battery cells is forecast to grow by more than 20% pa on average until 2030.

Many car manufacturers have committed to 100 percent EV sales by 2030.

Many federal and state governments have implemented effective bans on new fossil-fuel car sales from the 2030s.

And mining is changing with it.

Errors of judgment by mining companies could leave the industry’s reputation tainted.

Mining companies should proceed with utmost respect for the land and the people on it.

We need to build longstanding agreements with local communities and governments.

Ethical Energy is of paramount importance.

As a new battery and critical metal exploration and development company, Pan Asia metals is committed to conducting its activities in an ethically responsible manner.

But beyond being a battery and critical metals explorer and developer, we’re looking to a future in the realm of advanced metal production, supplying high-margin, high-purity products to the EV and LIB supply chains.

Why We Exist

Pan Asia Metals is here to be part of the new energy and technology revolution.

Pan Asia Metals enters the revolution with conviction, integrity and determination, always retaining
sustainability as a core goal, aiming to achieve a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Because at Pan Asia Metals we believe that this will bring better returns for all our stakeholders.

Why We’re Here

We are an Asian focused explorer and developer looking for battery and critical metals such as Lithium to help power a new energy future.

How We Matter

We’re making the news by discovering battery and critical metals that enable sustainable energy like Lithium Batteries to happen.

What We Do

We’re an ASX listed company exploring future opportunities to produce Lithium chemicals to supply the growing LIB and the EV supply chains in Asia and globally.

Why Now

Our 3 Southeast Asian projects are close to Asia’s rapidly growing EV and LIB markets, to which Lithium is critical.

Competitive Advantages

We’re in close proximity to our inputs and markets, reducing shipping costs, and we’re positioning to move beyond the mine gate and value add what we produce.

Market Potential

Forecasters predict that 2030 Lithium demand will be 8-12x that of 2020, with demand growth from Electric vehicles up to 24x that of 2020.

Reung Khiet Lithium Project

With over 12,000m of drilling to date,  a Mineral Resource of 10.4MT @ 0.44% Li2O (JORC, 2012), and extensive lepidolite rich pegmatite dyke swarms which we have yet to drill, we are positioned for success.

Kata Thong Lithium Project

Five Special Prospecting Licence Applications (SPLA) in Phang Nga Province, southern Thailand, two containing  geothermal fields and one abutting the lithium rich Kata Khwam granite, which has background assays up to 0.27% Li2O.

The Village Scientist

Pan Asia Metals sponsors local education via The Village Scientist, a grassroots program which empowers local communities by creating an inspiring learning environment for their future leaders.

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We are here to be part of the new energy and technology revolution:

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