Exploring and developing low cost specialty metals assets in Southeast Asia

Pan Asia Metals Limited (Pan Asia) is focused on identifying assets and opportunities which have the potential to operate in the bottom third of the industry cost curve, and which will produce products which are in high demand in the region.

Pan Asia is particularly interested in assets which provide the Company with the potential to extend downstream and add value to its products, facilitating higher margins and product diversity.

We are cost driven

Commodity markets go through price cycles but operating costs generally do not. Pan Asia is focused on low cost operations as these will be more easily banked and can generate greater returns for shareholders.

We are in SE Asia as this is one of the lowest cost jurisdictions in the world, SE Asia also has several advanced industrial countries – proximity to their markets will reduce the Company’s costs and open it up to more opportunities.

Our success starts with our people and their communities

Pan Asia’s by line is ‘helping make the future great’. In contributing to technologies which help create a better world we are helping build stronger communities.

We are socially conscious – we want our employees to grow with us and the communities in which we operate to benefit from our activities through better education, more employment and new development opportunities.