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About Pan Asia Metals

Pan Asia Metals Limited (Pan Asia) is a Singapore registered SE Asian focused specialty metals exploration and development company.

Pan Asia is focused on identifying assets and opportunities which have the potential to operate in the first tercile of the cost curve, with an added preference for those which provide Pan Asia the option to participate in downstream value adding activities.  In Pan Asia’s view, while commodity markets go through cycles, operating costs generally don’t, to any material degree, and therefore an operation which leads on cost can generally sustain itself regardless of what is happening in the broader market.

Pan Asia’s byline is ‘helping make the future great’, by this Pan Asia is indicating that it is interested in metals exploration and development opportunities which are considerate to the immediate local environment, add to the development of the host country in which Pan Asia is operating, and contribute to technologies which help create a better world.

Pan Asia is a socially conscious company. Pan Asia wants its employees to grow with it and the communities in which it operates to benefit from its activities through new education, employment and development opportunities which would otherwise not exist without Pan Asia’s presence and efforts.